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"We'll Show 'Em How" says Mr Skidmore
Film of steelworkers going to America to study production techniques (1949)
Page link: A Shelvoke & Drewry Apprentice Remembers
A Shelvoke & Drewry Apprentice Remembers
For many young men their first experience of work was an S&D apprenticeship.
Page link: Edward Heath Visits Irving's
Edward Heath Visits Irving's
Film of Leader of Conservative Party at parachute factory (1967)
Page link: Firm is making part of the Olympics 2012 Torch
Firm is making part of the Olympics 2012 Torch
TubeTec Concentric, joint Director talks to 106 Jack FM reporter
Page link: Irvin Air chute Factory
Irvin Air chute Factory
Can you tell us more about working at this firm?
Page link: Letchworth Garden City Laundry
Letchworth Garden City Laundry
An artistic advertisement from the early days
Page link: Letchworth Town
Letchworth Town
Before 1971
Page link: Ogle
Ogle created a number of innovative products. Tom Karen remembers some of them.
Page link: Shelvoke and Drewry Ltd
Shelvoke and Drewry Ltd
Manufacturers of municipal vehicles in Letchworth for almost 70 years.
Page link: Steel Making
Steel Making
Film looks at the work of a big steel plant in Letchworth,(1937)